A Better Way  
The Slip-ON® Lock Nut has been developed with the ability to be positioned on threaded rod or bolt at any point, without the time consuming nuisance of threading. Just open the Slip-ON® Lock Nut and insert where needed. Twist close and tighten with a wrench. It's that simple!

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The Slip-ON Lock Nut offers a savings of time and effort with these advantages:
  • Save time and $$$
  • Eliminate the threading of nuts
  • Reduce initial installation cost
  • Especially useful in a stack situation
  • Ideal for retrofit - Just add on where needed
  • Adjustable without dismantling existing system
  • Damaged or burred rod is no longer a problem
  • Replace welded nuts or conventional jam nuts in high vibratory situations
  • Greater strength than the rod itself
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Additional Applications:

Used as stops or quick-change adjustments on molds, dies, fixtures and jigs utilizing bending machines, lathes, extruders, industrial cutters and fabricating machinery in general.

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