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We can build to meet customer specifications.
The Slip-ON® Lock Nut has been developed with the ability to be positioned on threaded rod or bolt at any point, without the time consuming nuisance of threading. Just open the Slip-ON® Lock Nut and insert where needed. Twist close and tighten with a wrench. It's that simple! Click here for more details. lock nut, thread on rod
Slip-ON® Ejector Bar Nuts for injection molding machines eliminate double nutting, and the long time it takes to reset knockouts. These unique quick change Ejector Bar Nuts can be quickly moved to the proper position without time-consuming turning of old-fashioned nuts. They are specially made of tough, 4140 alloy steel for this application.
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ejector bar nuts. Eliminate double nutting.
Slip-ON® Quill Nuts
Unique design for machinery stops
  • Speed up set up and production.
  • No retrofit required. Just slip on and you are ready.
  • Can be used in conjunction with existing quill nuts.
  • Ideal for milling and all types of machinery that require adjustable stops.
  • Quill stops made of 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum.
  • Current size of machinery adjustable stops - 1/2" - 20. Other sizes available.

quill nut, threaded quill nut

quill nut


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