Customer Testimonials
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Virgil Nocar, NAVCOMM Center, Key West, Florida, states, "My plumbers and machinists like using the Slip-ON Lock Nut. The plumbers use them to install refrigerators and sinks in areas with limited access. They simply slide the nut on the anchor mount, turn it to the locked position, run it down tight, and twist an additional 1/4-turn to secure the units being installed. The machinists use them where excess bolt length and insufficient space restricts torquing the nut with a socket. They also find them very useful as quick-change positioning stops on shop equipment as well as reducing setup time."

Harry Armstrong from Griffiss AFB, New York, said, " the Slip-ON Lock Nut is a godsend. My people use them to install cable ladders, ducts, and trays during major upgrades of telecommunications installations. Work that [formerly] took hours has been reduced to minutes because there is no longer a requirement to disassemble existing fixtures or equipment. My people requested using these nuts for all applications; however, the cost to replace standard nuts for all applications could not be justified, although they are being used for new projects and major facility upgrades. The savings on a $250,000 upgrade project amounts to thousands of dollars. In addition to the labor and material savings on retrofit projects, there is the added benefit of speeding up completion time which makes for a smooth transition with less disruption in day-to-day operations, than is normally associated with retrofit and major construction projects."

The Detroit Testing Laboratory also tested and proved the effectiveness of the Slip-ON Lock Nut thread system using a standard commercial rod and grade-8 bolts to evaluate clamp load and tensile strength. The test results revealed that a 1/2-inch-13UNC Slip-ON Lock Nut could be tightened to 95 foot-lbs. Of torque without failure, could provide clamp loads as high as 14,950 lbs., and could withstand tensile stress loadings as high as 103,000 psi without failure. (Note: A 1/2-inch commercial grade rod, with a safety factor of 5, has recommended clamp load of 1,130 lbs.)


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